Munchkins everywhere

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.. feels great to be back on track.. it’s been a while i haven’t check on my beloved blog.. well this is due to my new life.. with my lil munchkin around.. new life.. new routines.. new this new that and everything.. wooowwwww.. lovin this new life… weeehuuuuuuu (love,love,love and much love)

Well.. since i’m back to school teaching my adorable students.. miss them lots.. now.. yesterday i was teaching my form 5 students on Dear Mr Kilmer.. today i’m bringing my form 3 students again to the lab to have them create their notes using the Microsof Word application.. i as well expose them on how to use the internet to download images they like  to be inserted in the notes..

Being online will definitely get them intrigue.. they actually have to do this for their PT3 examination this coming October..i hope they can comprehend the story..

How I Met Myself is quite an interesting story actually.. it’s the story of how Johm Taylor had an inner cinflict with his doppelganger mystery.. well if you want to know more you have to read it on your own.. trust me it’s worth reading.. just to fill in the day.. guess have to stop now.. enjoy reading guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo


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