Assalamualaikum.. hola everyone… (sigh)..Already sigh in the beginning of my entry.. why?? I don’t even know how to express myself at the moment.. maybe the caption could help you understand better.. or maybe you are also in the same boat like me.. i’m not really sure why i’m being this way.. maybe because of my biological condition? (cannot mention it here but maybe everyone can guess what it is because this usually happen to girls only.. hohohoho) i guess it’s 80% true..oooooooohhhhhh…. aaaarghhhhhhhhhhh….

Help me fight this emotion… i feel like releasing my anger to anyone that passes by… today i talk less.. smile less.. even everything that i do today become less… this is sooooo not me..  and i hate this part right here.. (again sighing).. my soul sister’s not here to give my her support.. (feeling like crying)… oh Allah.. help me cure this sickness.. aminn.. 


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