What’s my emotion??

Assalamualaikum for dearest muslims and good day to everyone in general..

Enough said.. just enjoy the picture which i took years ago..

Have a thougt on it and kindly share.. thanks..  🙂


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Selfie Bingo!

Where i’m at??? Hihihi

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There was a talk about selfies at the National Portrait Gallery in London a few weeks ago (http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/late-shift-1/panel-discussion-the-curated-ego-16012014.php), and when I was there I talked to Annebella Pollen who was chairing the session. As we were talking, anticipating the evening to come, I mentioned the fact that the same recurring themes seem to come up in discussions about the selfie. The predictability of some of these themes – ‘selfies are not photography’, ‘there are too many selfies’, and so on – interests me, as it demonstrates just how restricted the way of talking about this practice had often become. As I’ve discussed elsewhere, it’s not so much the photographs themselves, or what we even say about them, that I find important – it’s the social structures that support and are supported by such statements.

As a whimsical reaction to this, I have made a bingo card of (mostly…

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It has been a while since i last wrote my thought..  before that, assalamualaikum for all muslims out there and good day to everyone in general..

To start with, just recently i taught my students a poem entitled ‘LEISURE’   which was written by Henry William Davies if not mistaken (will double confirm later).

Checked.. correction.. wrote by William Henry Davies.. (my bad.. hehehe).. from the poem, I took some time for myself.. and went to a garden..A Thousand Flower Garden.. enjoyed every second.. every step.. every view.. looked up beneath the boughs. Walked around.. (i even laid on the grass field.. lucky there was no one around.. lol.. crazy)…thank you Allah for giving me this chance to witness Your greatness..

P/s : peeps out there who are workaholic .. kindly spare your time for some leisure activities.. worth every second of your life.. life’s not just about making money.. hehehhee… daaaa 😉