Jom miliki MINDA BESAR


Assalamualaikum.. cume nk share.. daripada kite sebok memikirkan tentang kesalahan orang lain, jom kite berfikir untuk miliki dan menjadi orang yang berMINDA BESAR..

Stop judging others and denying your own mistakes..


With love,
Bebemakcu β™₯β™₯


Super sporting Uncle

Assalamualaikum.. (waalaikumsalam – for muslims only.. wink2 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ )

I bet u don’t know what i am talking about, right?

Hehehe… actually today i and my friends hung out.. we went out to tangkak in johore.. there got so many shopping places especially selling cloths and curtains..

The best part was, we  met an uncle.. he’snot an ordinary person.. well.. he’s a chinese for your information.. when we got there, at his place, he greeted and welcomed us warmly.. and what most interested us was his charms… aaauwwww.. melted (in nice manner).. besides his warmth welcome, he sounded just like CHEF WAN i tell you!!! Haha..

He treated us nicely.. so patient with us.. naughty girls.. hehe.. we bargained to the last to get the cheapest price we can.. and he’s not stingy at all.. from rm11.. we bargained and last price we managed to deal was rm7.50 /meter.. huge success..hahaha.. thanks anyway uncle.. maybe because our super cute looks and priceless smile that made him willing to lower the price..  (overrrr) πŸ˜€

The story does not end just yet.. i’m a very happy lucky girl and easy to mingle with anyone regardless age, gender or race.. hehehehe.. so.. i had special request.. guess what.. tadaaaaaaa….. ↓↓↓↓↓↓


Love these facts about him.. he’s nice.. friendly, generous and not racist.. we can feel the difference.. i tell you.. though he’s a chinese, i think he’s far way better than SOME Chinese and even Malay!

So uncle, let you be the way you are from the day i met you until like forever!! Yeay!! πŸ˜‰

Burnt out


Assalamualaikum (waalaikumsalam)

I’m back.. after days of struggling.. doing so many things.. with my little energy.. driving from malacca to selangor on last saturday .. then drove back from selangor to malacca on last sunday.. just to cater my father’s hilux ‘s roadtax and insurance.. but here’s the thing.. what important here is that i got the chance to look at both my parents’ aging looks.. to be able to do something for them is something huge.. but by only seeing their faces is already a bless.. oh allah.. how i love them to the last.. they raised me to what i am today.. u guys are my inspiration ‘mama’ and ‘abah’.. xoxo..

Though they are not computer literate.. but I’m not ashamed of that.. still proud that they made me of who i am today…if only they read this, hihihi.. just to let them know their beautiful daughter was an emcee today for an event at her school.. so glad i did my best in the event.. bravely.. suavely.. sweetly.. lol.. before that, last night was headache.. urrghh.Β  To choose what to wear really annoys me.. i even seek advice from my student.. she suggested me one but i end up choosing different outfit.. hahaha.. this morning she was totally freaked i picked differently Β from what we have agreed.. isn’t red a brave colour? Right? So delicious.. rich.. aaahh.. apart from that, just so you know, Β i think i completed my look with my sweet smile.. lol.. (this is sooooo over dramatic)..

Never mind… when we think thing positively, we’ll stay positive. When we stay positive, the output is positive.. you go girl! Long live bebemakcu.. lolllllll…..

With β™₯,


-Stylish girl-

Sweetest of the sweetest

Assalamualaikum.. (waalaikumsalam)


Speechless.. what can i say.. isnt she beautiful?? Not her plissss… hahaha.. that creature that i was holding is the one.. oh my god.. (translation ::: ya allah).. she is way toooooo cute.. tooooo adorable… tooo gorgeous.. what ‘too’ else should i describe her… oh maaaaannn.. i really love cats.. imma cat lover bebeh..

Forgot to introduce her earlier.. hehe.. my bad.. please forgive me.. it’s a ‘she’.. i actually discovered here 3 days ago.. i found her lingered around the hostel.. (i’m a warden for your information.. thank you).. πŸ˜€

Then i went to her.. it’s good that she is a friendly girl.. i grabbed her in my arm.. uurghh… i couldn’t hold my urge to hug her.. kiss her.. uurrghhh… i really5 love cats.. ( exagerrated expression.. lol) but it’s true..  you wanna know what i named her?? Her name is Julia… you can call her julie also.. do love her… you cannot resist her innocent face there.. lol..

Alright.. this is quite long.. i better stop.. heavy eyes. Got school tomorrow.. yeayyy… πŸ˜‰

Goodnite everyone.. dont forget to recite alfatihah for your parents and family and the whole muslims generally.. dont forget to recite the prayer before you off to bed ..


With β™₯,



Assalamualaikum every bodeh… hehehe.. (waalaikumsalam..)

Biase kite dengar ‘colorful world of LUNA kan??? Tapi hidup teman pon same.. warna warni.. macams-macams.. ade y best ade yang tak best.. tapi nk quote balik dari artikel mase mengajar td.. ‘give the best you got to life, and life will give its best back to you’.. betol jugak tu.. haha.. semalam sebok bercerita pasal library teman.. tapi sebelum tu teman sebok uruskan asrama.. tu ha.. kat gambar tu adalah salah satu projek teman untuk anak-anak asrama teman untuk 2014..

Ramai pon setuju hidop di asrama ni membosankan.. betol.. tapi bosan bile takde aktiviti yang nak dibuat.. haa.. betol x kome..

Jadi sambil-sambil azam tengah semangat ni, teman terus la gerakkan.. kalau tak digerakkan memang takkan gerak la.. haiya.. teman ni perlu sentiase ade orang bagi motivasi.. tak terdaya teman nak harung semuanya sorang-sorang.. hihi.. terime kaseh kepada semua yang berada di sisi teman yee..

Cantik dinding asrama teman kan.. projek bunga tulip teman dan anak-anak nampaknye menjadi.. yeayyyyy… yahoooo.. yiba yiba anggreee.. kikiki semoga lebih banyak lagi projek-projek dan tender-tender untuk teman dan anak-anak asrama teman.. kikiki..

Itu saje perkongsian teman pada entry kali ni..

With β™₯,

I am CHEATING on him!

hola assalamualaikum for all muslim readers.. ( Waalaikumsalam )…

Just to share something with u guys.. have u read my headline?? waaaaiiitttttttttt…. i’m not a w***e.. toooot.. hihi.. what i’m saying is that i’m not cheating on him..

Actually, i went through my facebook and found that link on one of my friend’s wall.. to my surprise, it’s not like what it said on the headline.. i read and went through line by line.. i really like what he said.. i salute that guy.. and i really hope mine will also think of our relationship that way.. insyaAllah he’ll do.. not only him.. i know i must also be like that so that we always feel the thrill and fun towards each other.. yeay…haha… oh before i forget… u MUST read the story.. it’s a MUST…

Do pray for us insyaAllah.. love u ikichai..


with love,


Drag passion into what ever you are doing, people!!!



Hola bebes…


Before dat.. assalamualaikum.. ( waalaikumsalam.. senang.. bace dan terus jawab salam.. hihihi)

Harini adalah hari yang amat memenatkan.. sejak beberapa hari yang lalu, teman berhempas pulas.. cuba melakukan sesuatu demi kerana anak-anak pelajar dan sekolah tercinta ini..Β  pheeewwhh… sampai sakit pinggang teman sebab angkat kotak buku yang maha beghat dr beghat teman sendiri.. (teman ni degil.. suke paksa diri sebab tak sampai hati nak suroh anak librarian teman angkat kotak).. last sakit pinggang dulu mase kat universiti.. pada zaman dahulukala.. hahaha.. (teman ni da tua walaupon badan kecik dan pendek)..

Sebenarnya dari tahun lepas lagi teman ni dilantik menjadi guru pusat sumber tapi masa tu teman kureengg berpengetahuan tentang ini bab.. huhu.. jadi kurangla minat..

Tapiiiiii… haaa.. ini yang teman cube buat.. teman cube nk buat perubahan pada diri teman.. walaupon teman idok berminat langsung nak menguruskan library ni tapi demi tanggungjawab teman cube la.. teman cube… urrghhhh.. walaupon berat tapi tetap teman cube laksanakan.. teman xpernah berkursus lagi.. tapi dengan bantuan anak-anak librarian yang pernah ada pengalaman teman bersemangat.. yeeehhhh… dats it bebeh… hahhaha.. kat gamba tu la.. anak-anak teman gigih membantu teman.. bangga sangat.. semoga mereka juga akan menjejaki semangat teman ni.. walaupon pada mulenye teman tak suke, tapi niatkan ikhlas dalam hati.. buat demi anak-anak dan lillahi taala..

Itu saje la perkongsian teman kali ni.. kikiki.. dulu teman rase teman havoc.. asek gelak dan suke suki je.. udoh sekaghang ni teman da selow melow.. hihi.. (slow lerrr).. tak mahu ler kecoh sangat.. teman bukan kiah propaganza.. teman ni bebemakcu.. hihihi. Sehingga bertemu lagi di lain masa..

With β™₯,


Gojes ledeys in d houze


Hola bebes.. waa.. arini saje da bape entries.. semangat bebeno.. kalau kome prasan, sebelum ni teman asek cakap omputeh je kan.. hihi.. maklumlah.. bulan bahasa.. ade-ade saje teman ni.. udoh le tu.. banyak sangat bahasa teman guna dalam blog teman.. tidak mengapa la ye.. mungkin hanya teman sahaje yang bace entry teman sendiri.. mwahahahaha.. kalau ade pon orang lalu TERsinggah blog teman.. lalu dia baca la karutan teman ni.. hihi..

Okay la kome.. teman saja ja nak upload gambar tu ha.. nak menunjuk-nunjuk.. haha.. gamba teman dengan kakak-kakak kandung teman dan kakak ipar teman.. yang kenit2 tu semua anak buah teman.. anak teman ntah kat mane ntah.. hahaha.. (kawen pon idok lagi).. so apa macam? Gojes kan kami semua?

Haha.. kome.. yang penting bukan sahaja gojes fizikal.. tp hati pon mau baik maa.. (alamak.. SATU.. Malaysia.. amma ).. muke tu memang la kene jaga kome semua.. tapi hati kite pon kene bersih.. macam mane nak bersihkan hati? Kome gi la google sekarang.. segalanya di hujung jari anda.. hihi..

Maka itu sahajalah yang dapat teman kongsikan.. sekian sahaja bual bicara baikla.. nasihat akhir.. keep calm and grin always..


With β™₯,

Silver lining tu ape ek??

Hola. Assalamualaikum. Lama tak jengah blog i ni. Apa khabar kalian semua? Harap berada dalam lindungan Allah hendaknya kita semua.amin.

Baiklah. Yang sebenarnya, i nak cerita. Dulu-dulu mase sekolah menengah dan pada masa itu masih belum pandai sangat berbahasa inggeris kan, pernah la dengar proverb ini. Masa itu i xfaham pun. Oleh sebab berasal dari kampung, maka kurangla sedikit pengetahuan tentang ini.hihi. masa itu nak ‘google’ pun tak reti. Tetapi apa yang mampu i fikirkan adalah bermain teka-teki. I fikir ape tahu. I rasa mesti ade sebab dan kaitan ‘silver lining’ dengan ‘cloud’ ni. So i main agak-agak je. Kalau dekat awan, garisan perak tu macam mane ek.hmm. lame gak i pk.
Tibe2 dapat idea, ‘silver lining’ tu adalah cahaya yang terpancar disebalik awan tu.

I mungkin org kampung. Tp i nk jadi org kampung y educated.hihi. Yang  Sekarang i da upgrade. Dah mantap sikit pasal IT ni. So dah pandai la nk cari maklumat. Dan akhirnya i goggle dan dapat cari maklumat itu semua.hihi. i clarified my thoughts. Maka, jangan la kite putus asa.

Mari saya tunjukkan gamba..

Haa… taraaaa..itu la silver lining.. hihihi.. tu j n citer.

Don’t despair if you lose hope alright.

Saya tukar style writing ya. Sebab nak preserve bahasa melayu yang betul.kalau saya salah sy mintak maaf. Hihi salam



Assalamualaikum. Again. praise to Allah. got time to blog again. yihaa.

~ loving red. Loving him. ~

Actually, got that pretty red roses from my mr.right. for my birthday last time. (Wont tell when. Hehe) thanks dear. Still have it now though it’s dried.

Flowers mean nothing to me. I dont mind if i get nothing from him. Loving someone is not all about getting gifts. What precious most is having the feeling of being loved n secured.

Do pray for us. May we have blessed life now and in the here after. Thanks for your du’a guys. πŸ˜‰

With β™₯,