Currently im watching this particular tv programme named fight science.. it’s actually testing human body n its functions, limit n wat so ever..hehe.. well.. wat i love abt dis kinda show is actually it’s very informative.. n for this episode, it tests whether human body and our brain whether they cn make sensible reasoning in high altitude wit less oxygen ( done by us army trainer )and another test is abt testing human body in different condition which r in air, land n water. ( this prticulr test is done by an x us navy seal elite team-don really.know d full name.hehe).. phewwhh..75 paun at yr back on water is not wat a regular people like us cn do.. since he has undergone intensive training in 35months (all of them need to undergone this training to elligibly join this force)… he managed to survive most of tests.. since he’s a trained army.. hahaa.. i soooo admire this kind of people.. i think malaysia army also got this special team called paskal.. if not mistaken.. (sorry.. my bad).. well.. dats all my sharing for today.. people out there.. dont waste ur time watching to many entertainment programmes.. they r worthless to watch.. watch smthig good dat cn increase ur knowledge.. though we r in diffrnt field, at least we have a lil idea abr smtg else.. right guys??? Hehehe.. til then.. adios amigos..


Buah cekur

Weekend project…

assalamualaikum .. :-D..this is actually a photo taken around 3 months ago if im not mistaken.. just like to share with u readers.. for those who dont know, malay called it buah cekur..or pkok cekur.. but us Javanese called this buah kencor.. hahahaha.. sounds a bit funny right.. but im proud to actually b a javanese descendent.. (omaigad.. is my spelling right?) is actually good for our health.. (buang angin dlm bdn org2 tua kate).. and its true. I just eat it raw and some salt.. not so much alrite.. dats all i wanna share for today .. daaa… assalamualaikum.. 😉