Ramadhan al-Mubarak



it’s ramadhan already.. how time’s fly..

we hardly notice it.. right guys!!

sooo… are u fasting?? i bet u are.. it’s compulsory..
don’t u dare not to fast because we are muslim.. shame
on you those who are not fasting in ramadhan.. this is our
month.. month of the muslims..

by the way, let me ask u one thing? what ramadhan/fasting means to
you?? is it just enduring from hunger and thirst??
well, it means more than that.. i listened to a kuliyyah
about stages of fasting the other day.. now let me
share what i got with u, okay!!

the first stage would be the general fasting.. or ‘puasa
awam/ umum’.. this stage actually, only for those who endure
themselves from the hunger and thirst!! understood!!

so, the first already been shared.. what about the second
one.. can u guess..?? hahhaa.. i bet u can.. it’s easy..
the degree is higher.. it is known as ‘puasa khusus’
a.k.a specific fasting.. this stage goes to those who actually
not enduring themselves from hunger and thirst but also
protecting their 5 senses from all sort of things that decrease
ur fasting quality. last but not least is the highest one known
as ‘khususul khusus’ im not sure how to put it in english..even specific
than specific or maybe specified specific… hahaha.. just correct me if
im wrong alrite!!
Now, we are waiting for Nuzulul Quran as it is the day the Quran
was sent down to Prophet Muhammad… waa…
i cnt wait for Raya to come!!

yiihaaaaaaa…. hope our puase akn diberkati.. blessing is the most
important!! till we meet again! 🙂

pic was taken from : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wj02qh7uTXQ/UAl22JXwRSI/AAAAAAAABz0/_EvEf0vyT6s/s1600/ramadhan-mubarak.jpg