Munchkins everywhere

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.. feels great to be back on track.. it’s been a while i haven’t check on my beloved blog.. well this is due to my new life.. with my lil munchkin around.. new life.. new routines.. new this new that and everything.. wooowwwww.. lovin this new life… weeehuuuuuuu (love,love,love and much love)

Well.. since i’m back to school teaching my adorable students.. miss them lots.. now.. yesterday i was teaching my form 5 students on Dear Mr Kilmer.. today i’m bringing my form 3 students again to the lab to have them create their notes using the Microsof Word application.. i as well expose them on how to use the internet to download images they like  to be inserted in the notes..

Being online will definitely get them intrigue.. they actually have to do this for their PT3 examination this coming October..i hope they can comprehend the story..

How I Met Myself is quite an interesting story actually.. it’s the story of how Johm Taylor had an inner cinflict with his doppelganger mystery.. well if you want to know more you have to read it on your own.. trust me it’s worth reading.. just to fill in the day.. guess have to stop now.. enjoy reading guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo


Dear Mr Kilmer

Yeeeeaaayyyy… i’m back.. miss me? I’ll tell the story of my life later.  But currently i’m in the computer lab with my kids doin review on Dear Mr Kilmer..

It’s quite an interesting story to be read.. i have my kids to do a review on each chapter .  They love doing it.. a blog for this assignment..  Continue reading


It’s been a while..  i haven’t check on my blog.. kinda miss it..but life’s so busy.. i was single.. now i’m happily married to my 8 years boyfriend..  praise be to Allah for giving us this wonderful joy of happiness.. we’ve sailed through rough life  just to survive our love.. thank you honey bee.. this is the most precious moment of my life.. now.. we are getting on our next phase in this relationship.. hoping praying and struggling to keep this love alive.


My first handmade floral headband!


Assalamualaikum for all muslims and good day to everyone..

Just to share my first floral headband made by me.. just by surfing few websites late this afternoon when i got the idea to try made it myself using balance from last project..

And alhamdulillah.. this is the end product.. insyaallah (with His permission) i’m going to share this knowledge with others.. remember,knowledges are to be shared.. hihihi… till we meet again next time.. peace… 😉

Kebosanan melanda hatiku


Assalamualaikum… (waalaikumsalam)..
Huhu.. di kesempatan ini (menyempat membuat sedikit coretan sebelum aktiviti koku bermula pada petang ini).. setelah berhempas pulas melawan segala pahit maung dugaan yang menimpaku hari ini.. setelah pelbagai perasaan yang tidak enak ku lalui… perkhhhh… syahdu menusuk kalbu.. dah lama tak berpuitis..

Baiklah.. tadi.. lepas habis saja kelas, terus masuk bilik guru .. belek-belek smartphone yang amat canggih ni(mini s3 je pung..kecoh.. hahaha).. maka bukak la album demi album.. lantas.. terlihat anak kecil ini.. yang begitu asyik memandang ke hadapannya di atas dashboard kereta bapaknya itu .. untuk pengetahuan kalian,  inilah salah satu anak menakan kesayangan.. sume pon sayang.. tapi kita selalunya sayang baby2 lebih sikit.. hihi.. masa kecik ni seronok melayan keletah dan kerenah mereka..tapi kalau da besar malas nk layan.. sebab banyak soal.. hahahaa.. (teringat iklan kat tv.. “setiap kenapa menunjukkan sel2 otak sedang berhubung” -wardina).. kikikiki…

Tapi itulah.. sayang sangat budak kecik kat gamba tu.. nama dia nur hannah humairah.. (punit makcu- punit tu menunjukkan kecik comel).. hihi.. manje.. suka benda2 y gebu2 dan lembut.. eeee… sayang sangat kat dia.. …mmuaahhhh… itu sahaja la coretan kali ini.. berjaya mengurangkan gundah gulana di hati  … wassalam..


Makcu sayang semua.. yeayyyyy !!!!



Assalamualaikum.. hola everyone… (sigh)..Already sigh in the beginning of my entry.. why?? I don’t even know how to express myself at the moment.. maybe the caption could help you understand better.. or maybe you are also in the same boat like me.. i’m not really sure why i’m being this way.. maybe because of my biological condition? (cannot mention it here but maybe everyone can guess what it is because this usually happen to girls only.. hohohoho) i guess it’s 80% true..oooooooohhhhhh…. aaaarghhhhhhhhhhh….

Help me fight this emotion… i feel like releasing my anger to anyone that passes by… today i talk less.. smile less.. even everything that i do today become less… this is sooooo not me..  and i hate this part right here.. (again sighing).. my soul sister’s not here to give my her support.. (feeling like crying)… oh Allah.. help me cure this sickness.. aminn.. 

What’s my emotion??

Assalamualaikum for dearest muslims and good day to everyone in general..

Enough said.. just enjoy the picture which i took years ago..

Have a thougt on it and kindly share.. thanks..  🙂


With ♥

Selfie Bingo!

Where i’m at??? Hihihi

The Carceral Net

There was a talk about selfies at the National Portrait Gallery in London a few weeks ago (, and when I was there I talked to Annebella Pollen who was chairing the session. As we were talking, anticipating the evening to come, I mentioned the fact that the same recurring themes seem to come up in discussions about the selfie. The predictability of some of these themes – ‘selfies are not photography’, ‘there are too many selfies’, and so on – interests me, as it demonstrates just how restricted the way of talking about this practice had often become. As I’ve discussed elsewhere, it’s not so much the photographs themselves, or what we even say about them, that I find important – it’s the social structures that support and are supported by such statements.

As a whimsical reaction to this, I have made a bingo card of (mostly…

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It has been a while since i last wrote my thought..  before that, assalamualaikum for all muslims out there and good day to everyone in general..

To start with, just recently i taught my students a poem entitled ‘LEISURE’   which was written by Henry William Davies if not mistaken (will double confirm later).

Checked.. correction.. wrote by William Henry Davies.. (my bad.. hehehe).. from the poem, I took some time for myself.. and went to a garden..A Thousand Flower Garden.. enjoyed every second.. every step.. every view.. looked up beneath the boughs. Walked around.. (i even laid on the grass field.. lucky there was no one around.. lol.. crazy)…thank you Allah for giving me this chance to witness Your greatness..

P/s : peeps out there who are workaholic .. kindly spare your time for some leisure activities.. worth every second of your life.. life’s not just about making money.. hehehhee… daaaa 😉

Jom miliki MINDA BESAR


Assalamualaikum.. cume nk share.. daripada kite sebok memikirkan tentang kesalahan orang lain, jom kite berfikir untuk miliki dan menjadi orang yang berMINDA BESAR..

Stop judging others and denying your own mistakes..


With love,
Bebemakcu ♥♥